One-Room Schoolhouse

What memories surround this little Southern Maryland school house. For over a hundred years it has stood in its shady grove on the grounds of Christ Church in Port Republic, Maryland. Here came the youth of Calvert County to sit at wooden desks, to open red and tan McGuffy Readers, to write on slates and to eat mid-day meals from tin lunch pails. Here during recess games of "Annie Over" and "Bug in the Gully," they raced shouting over the sun-dappled play ground. Here a single, dedicated teacher taught reading, writing and arithmetic to seven grades of boys and girls in a classroom at times so crowded that the young students had to sit along the edge of the teacher's platform or cram them selves into the aisles between the desks, their warm bodies supplementing the heat that in winter radiated from the iron chunk stove in the center of the room.

In 1932, a victim of progress, the old school house was closed. Abandoned and almost for gotten, it withstood the passing seasons. Colonies of bees sought refuge beneath its dilapidated roof and poison ivy crawled and wound over its neglected walls.

In 1976 the Calvert Retired Teachers Association, looking for a Bicentennial Year project, decided to restore Port Republic School Number 7. On July 24, 1977, after months of hard work by teachers and community volunteers the old school bell rang out once more and the little one-room school house, filled with its memories, memorabilia, and a video, was ready for visitors.

Port Republic School Number 7 is located on the grounds of Christ Church on Broomes Island Road (Route 264). Summer hours are from 2:00 - 4: 00 p.m. every Sunday.

For additional information on Calvert County attractions write or call: Calvert County Department of Economic Development and Tourism Courthouse - Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678 1-800-331-9771

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